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NY To Florida Car Transport

Shipping a car from New York to Florida may seem daunting, whether you’re a snowbird heading south for the winter or relocating permanently. However, with the help of reliable car transport from NY to Florida services, you can enjoy a stress-free and convenient transportation experience.

By using our car shipping cost calculator.  you can receive an instant quote and book your transport order, ensuring your car is delivered safely and efficiently to your desired location in Florida. Whether you’re planning your move in October, November, or the spring, car transport services can make all the difference. 

Let us guide you through the process of car transport from NY to Florida to ensure a seamless journey and lasting relationships with your chosen car carriers.

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How to ship A Car From NY To Florida

We Analyzed 5 simple and easy-to-ship your car from New to Florida. Here is a step-by-step guide on how to ship your car from NY to Fl car transport with ease.

A trailer Transport car from NY to Florida

Get a Quote

To start the process, Visit the website and use our car shipping cost calculator for an instant car transport quote by entering pick-up, delivery locations, and vehicle details.

Compare Quotes

Compare quotes, services, insurance, and timings from different providers for the best deal. Check the services offered and insurance coverage by different providers to make an informed decision.

Confirm Your Booking

After selecting your preferred car transport service provider, book your chosen service online, by phone, or by email, providing recipient details and preferred delivery time, and confirm your booking by providing your information.

Pick Up Your Vehicle

On the agreed-upon date, the assigned carrier truck will arrive at your pick-up location to load up your vehicle. Make sure to conduct a thorough inspection before handing over your car to ensure that there are no pre-existing damages.

Deliver It to Your Doorstep

Your car transport service provider should deliver your vehicle to your preferred location on schedule. You will need to inspect your vehicle again, and once everything is in order, sign off on the delivery before the driver can leave.


When shipping your car from New York to Florida, it’s important to choose a reliable car transport service provider with a proven track record of safety and timely delivery.

With the help of our car shipping cost calculator, you can enjoy a top-rated, stress-free car transport experience. Contact us today for an instant quote and to book your transportation service.

Cost to Ship Car

Cost to Ship a car From New York to Florida

The cost to ship a car from New York to Florida ranges from $800 to $1500 for the open auto transport (standard car shipping)  option and $1500 to $2000 for enclosed car transport. 

To obtain an accurate and instant quote, use our car shipping calculator without providing any personal information.

Car shipping companies typically charge $0.90 per mile for long distances above 500 miles and $1 per mile for short distances under 500 miles.

However, the overall cost depends on various factors, including distance, pick-up and delivery locations, and the type of transport chosen.

Key Factors Affecting Cost

The following are the key factors that affect the overall cost of shipping a car from New York to Florida


Distance is a crucial factor that significantly affects the cost of car transport services. If distance is under 500 miles, cost will be 1$ per miles and for above 500 miles cost will be 0.90$.

The distance from New York to Florida is approximately 1,211 miles, which is a long journey that requires careful planning and preparation. Carriers charge per mile, and the longer the distance, the more the cost.

Vehicle Type and Size

The vehicle type and size are also significant factors that affect the cost of car transport services. Car carriers charge more to transport larger and heavier vehicles, such as SUVs, trucks, and vans, as they require more fuel and transportation resources. Car Shipping companies will charge 7-10% more for large vehicles.

Seasonality and Demand

The seasonality and demand for car transport services are also critical factors that affect the overall cost.

The demand for car shipping from New York to Florida significantly increases during the snowbird season, from late October to early November, and the spring season when snowbirds travel back to the north.

Therefore, carriers may increase their prices during these peak times, and you may need to book in advance to secure a good deal.

RouteCost Range
New York to Miami$800 – $1200
New York to Orlando$850 – $1300
New York to Tampa$900 – $1400
New York to Jacksonville$950 – $1500

Estimated Car Delivery Time

The distance between New York and Florida is 1211 miles, and the estimated transport time is 2-3 days. A solo truck driver can cover 500 miles per day, while a true team of drivers can cover 1000 miles per day.

If you divide the total shipping distance by 500, you can determine the number of days it will take to transport a car from New York to Florida.

For example, if a car is being delivered from Los Angeles, CA, to Miami, Florida, where the distance is 2733 miles, dividing this by 500 miles indicates it will take 5-6 days.

If you prefer a faster shipping option, choosing a true team of drivers is advisable.

At our auto transport, we understand that timing is crucial, so we provide an approximate ETA for your delivery. Have peace of mind knowing that our drivers are experienced and dependable, and your car will arrive at your doorstep on time and in excellent condition. Book your order online and leave the rest up to us.

RouteSolo Driver (Days)Team (Days)
New York to Miami2-31-2
New York to Orlando2-31-2
New York to Tampa2-31-2
New York to Jacksonville2-31-2

Cheapest Option for Car Transport from NY to FL

Transportation companies offer car transport services from New York to Florida. The most commonly used methods for car transport include open vehicle transport, enclosed auto transport, and door-to-door auto transport.

car transport method for transport a car New york to Florida

Option # 1: Open Vehicle Transport

Open vehicle transport is a popular and cost-effective option for car shipping. It involves loading your car onto an open trailer exposing it to the elements during transportation. While this method is cheaper30%-40% than enclosed transport, it is essential to consider that your car will be vulnerable to potential damage from debris during transit.

Option # 2: Door-to-Door Auto Transport

Door-to-door auto transport offers the convenience of having your car picked up at your doorstep and delivered directly to your new home. This method is especially useful if you are planning to move several hundred miles, as it helps you avoid the hassle of driving your car yourself.

Option # 3: Enclosed Car Transport

Enclosed auto transport is the best option when shipping a valuable or luxury car that requires extra care during transit. This method involves loading your car into an enclosed trailer before transporting it to your destination. While it is more expensive than open vehicle transport, it protects your car from harsh weather conditions, debris, and vandalism.

As you consider the various options, it is essential to work with transportation specialists who can offer you an instant quote, handle all aspects of shipping your car and belongings together, and ensure the safe delivery of your car to its destination. Contact a reliable car transport company today to book your transport and enjoy a stress-free moving experience.

Tips for Car Shipping

Before you entrust your car to a shipping company, there are a few things that you should consider. Here are some tips to help you make your car shipping experience as smooth and stress-free as possible.

Step # 1: Getting Quotes

  • Get quotes based on basic details: location, vehicle make/model.
  • Ensure the quote includes all fees.

Step # 2: Payment Caution

  • Avoid upfront payments; reputable companies charge on delivery.
  • Any request for upfront payment should raise a red flag.

Step # 3: Payment Caution

  • Confirm pick-up time and date beforehand.
  • Avoid waiting by ensuring the driver arrives as scheduled.
  •  you should be there, At the time of vehicle loading, check your vehicle safely loaded onto trailer.

Step # 4: Watch Out for Extra Fees

  • Ask about additional charges upfront.
  • Be cautious of last-minute fees or unnecessary services.

Step # 5: Preparing Your Car

  • Ask about additional charges upfront.
  • Be cautious of last-minute fees or unnecessary services.

What Documents Are Needed To Ship A Car?

Auto transport companies usually require the following documents to transport your car: proof of ownership (e.g., vehicle registration), insurance, and a copy of your driver’s license. Some companies may also require a notarized letter authorizing the transport.

People Also Ask

Is It Better To Drive A Car From New York To Florida Or Ship It?

Driving a car from New York to Florida can be a stressful and tiring experience, especially if it’s a long distance. Car transport services offer a convenient and affordable option to ship your vehicle safely and securely to your destination.

What Payment Methods Do Auto Transport Companies Accept?

Auto transport companies generally accept various payment methods, including cash, credit card, and bank transfer. Some companies may require a deposit upfront, with the balance due at delivery time. 

Last words

Car transport services provide a convenient and stress-free solution for car transport from NY to Florida With various transport methods available, including open or enclosed carriers and door-to-door delivery, you can choose the option that best suits your needs.

Factors such as distance, delivery location, and vehicle size will influence the cost of transport, but online calculators can provide instant quotes for easy budgeting.

By engaging with reliable transport specialists, you can rest assured that your car and belongings will be safely delivered to your destination promptly.