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When it comes to shipping a car, one common question people ask is, “Can I put my personal items in a shipping car, or can you ship a car with stuff in it?” The answer is that you can ship your personal belongings or household goods with your car, up to 100 lbs. If you want to ship personal belongings weighing more than 100 lbs, car transport companies will charge extra according to their policy. Most Companies charge $ 50 extra for 100 lbs.

However,Shipping car and belonging together there are some risks involved. First, your car is fully insured during shipping, but your personal items’ insurance is not covered by the auto carrier. You can put your belongings at your own risk.

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Risk For Shipping Personal Belonging with Car

risk for ship car with personal items

If your personal belongings get damaged during shipping, the auto transporter will not be responsible for this. Your personal item insurance is not covered by any auto transport company or driver. Therefore, we recommend that before shipping your car, you obtain insurance for personal items as well as for the car.

Another risk is when your car is delivered to your desired location, and at that time, you are not present. If the driver drops your car with your personal belongings inside, and a thief smashes your car window to access your belongings, the damage isn’t covered either.

Yet another risk is when your car ships with your personal belongings inside. If some of your car’s interior is damaged because your goods are bouncing around inside the car, causing harm to your vehicle, auto transport companies do not provide coverage. Shipping your personal belongings is done at your own risk. Get free quote by using our car shipping cost calculator.

Pros and Cons of Shipping Car and Belongings Together

Shipping Personal Belonging with Car


Cost Saving: You can save your money for Extra shipping cost

Convenience: this is the most convenient way to ship your personal belongings for free

Time Saving : You can save your time.


Weight limitation: Auto transport companies allow only 80-100Ibs for the extra weight you have to pay extra, which will cause expensive shipping.

Insurance coverage: The auto transport company covers insurance for only the vehicle, not for personal items, in case of damaging your goods or the interior of the car

Theft Risk: If your belongings are not secured properly, then there is a chance of your belongings being stolen by thieves who smash your car window.

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Tip For Shipping personal Belonging With Car

Pack Belongings Carefully

When you ship your personal items with your car, first pack your belongings into a suitcase or wrap fragile items. Pack all the items in empty boxes and label them. Fix them inside the vehicle, ensuring that the belongings are not bouncing. Try to avoid shipping food items, fuel, or any chemicals.

Remove Valuable Items

Remove personal items such as jewelry, important documents, or any electronic items from your vehicle during transport. Insurance will not cover these items under the auto carrier’s cargo insurance. In case you still choose to ship these items, ensure they are well-hidden.

Secure Belongings

Secure your personal belongings during car shipping by making sure your vehicle doors are locked. If you have a suitcase inside the vehicle, ensure that it is locked as well.

Inform the Car Shipping Company

When you put items in your car, inform the auto transport company. The dispatcher team will then inform the driver about the belongings, and the driver will take care of your personal items.

Best Way to Move car and furniture across country

Shipping Personal Belonging with Car

The best way to move your car and belongings, such as furniture, across the country, is to book an enclosed auto trailer. With an enclosed auto transport, you can transport your furniture and other belongings at once, as the trailer provides ample space. Additionally, your car is fully insured by the trucking company, with coverage up to $250k-$300k. However, it’s essential to keep in mind that your furniture and other belongings are not insured.

Use accessories like Dunnage and E tracks to enhance the safety of your vehicle and secure your belongings during transportation. Taking these precautions will help ensure a smooth and secure move for both your car and possessions.


Shipping your car and belongings together is easy, but you have to be doubly cautious. Ensure your car is locked, personal items are packed securely, preventing damage to the car’s interior. Also, make sure your belongings weigh no more than 100 lbs. Additionally, ensure someone is present at the time of delivery.