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California to Florida Car Transport

California to Florida car transport can be a daunting task, but with the right car transport company, it can be a breeze. Transporting a car from California (CA) to Florida (FL) covers over 2,500 miles, making it among the longest routes in the country. Whether you’re moving or need to transport a vehicle, there are various reliable and affordable car shipping methods available.

Carriers offer both open and enclosed options, with transit times averaging between 5 to 10 days, depending on route and carrier availability. For example, if you’re in Los Angeles, the ETA could vary. Alabama, Arizona, and distance play crucial roles in determining the ETA and availability of carriers. You can ship a car and belongings together up to 100IB.

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How Does Car Transport from California to Florida Work?

California to Florida Car Transport

How does auto transport work from transporting cars from California to Florida, several options exist.

Step# 1: Carrier Options

Choose between open and enclosed carriers. Open carriers are more common and affordable, while enclosed carriers offer higher security but at a higher cost.

Step# 2: Obtain Quotes

Get quotes from multiple auto transport companies. Compare prices, services offered, and their Carrier Availability Rating to make an informed decision.

Step# 3: Consider Safety vs. Cost

Assess your priorities between the safety of your vehicle and your budget. Enclosed carriers provide more protection but come with a higher price tag.

Step# 4: Shipping Duration

Generally, transport takes 5-10 days, varying based on distance, routes, and any unexpected events during transit.

Step# 5: Select a Reliable Company

Choose a reputable and reliable transport company. Check review credentials and ensure they meet your specific needs.

Step# 6: Vehicle Inspection 

Before shipping, ensure your car is ready for transport. Remove personal belongings, document the condition, and secure loose parts.

Step# 7: Careful Planning

Plan to ensure a smooth transport process, allowing your vehicle to arrive safely and on time in Florida.

Is it better to drive a car from California to Florida or ship it

When it comes to shipping a car from California to Florida, you may be wondering if it’s better to drive it yourself or to ship it. Driving your car across the country can take several days and put unnecessary wear and tear on your vehicle. 

On the other hand, shipping a car with a reliable car transportation company can save you time and hassle. With options like door-to-door delivery, you can have your car picked up from your location in California and delivered right to your doorstep in Florida. To get started, simply 

  • Get a Quote and Book an order
  • pick up your vehicle
  • deliver it to your door

Trust the transportation specialists to safely and efficiently ship a car from California to Florida, ensuring a smooth journey.

Shipping from California to Florida Price

Shipping from California to Florida price

Shipping a car from California to Florida price is $1500-$2200. Several factors can influence the price of shipping a car from California to Florida: calculate your car shipping cost by using a car shipping cost calculator and get a free quote.

Vehicle Size: Larger vehicles (e.g., trucks, SUVs) generally cost more to transport.

Type of Transport: Enclosed shipping tends to be pricier than open transport. Enclosed auto transport is 40% more expensive as compared to open vehicle transport.

Season/Timing: Prices are higher during peak summer moving seasons.

Mileage/Route: Longer distances naturally lead to higher shipping costs.

Vehicle Condition: Inoperable or classic cars may incur additional expenses.

Availability: High demand for specific routes can drive prices up.

How long Does it take to Deliver a car from California to Florida?

It takes 5-7 days to transport a car from California to Florida. The duration of the trip depends on several factors, including the distance, the availability of carriers, weather, and transit times.

However, the length of time largely depends on the shipping option you choose. By selecting the right carrier and mode of transport, you can ensure your car arrives safely and on time.

Pickup LocationDelivery Location
Estimated Transit Time (Days)
Los Angeles, CAMiami, FL6-7
San Francisco, CAJacksonville, FL7-9
San Diego, CATampa, FL6-8
Sacramento, CAOrlando, FL8-10

Cheapest way to ship car from California to Florida

Shipping from California to Florida price

The cheapest way to ship a car is open vehicle transport. Open vehicle transport is 40% cheaper than enclosed auto and flatbed transport. And another way is booking. Cost-saving strategies for transporting a car from California to Florida:

  • Cheaper and commonly chosen shipping open vehicle transport method.
  • Involves transporting your car on a trailer with other vehicles.
  • It may take longer and expose the car to weather elements, but it remains a reliable and affordable choice.
  • Opt for locations near major cities or highways. It will Reduce transport time and overall mileage.
  • Prioritize reputable car transportation companies

What Documents are Needed to Ship a Car

Shipping a car from California to Florida requires certain documents to be completed and presented to the auto transport company. These documents include 

  • proof of ownership of the vehicle
  • a copy of the vehicle registration
  • insurance documentation

Additionally, depending on the specific states and cities involved in the transport, permits, and other paperwork may also be required.

It’s important to ensure that all required documentation is properly completed and presented to the auto transport company to prevent delays or other issues during transit. 

What Payment Methods Auto Transport Companies Accept

Most reputable auto transport California to Florida companies offer flexible payment options, including credit cards, debit cards, wire transfers, and even PayPal and also cash app, Zella. It’s important to check with your chosen carrier to confirm which payment methods they accept and whether they charge additional fees.

By choosing a reliable auto transport service that offers flexible payment options, you can have peace of mind knowing that your car will arrive at its destination safely and securely.

Can I ship a car by train from California to Florida?

Yes, you can ship your car by train from California to Florida. However, there are limited options available, and it may take longer than other forms of transport.

How much is transported from Los Angeles to Florida?

The cost of transporting a car from Los Angeles to Florida varies based on different factors, such as the type of transport and distance. On average, shipping a car from Los Angeles to Florida costs between $900 to $1,500.

Why are cars cheaper in Florida?

Cars may be cheaper in Florida because of various factors such as lower taxes, mild weather, and high population. Florida does not have a state income tax, which creates a business-friendly environment.

Wrapping Up

California to Florida car transport requires careful consideration of various factors such as the type of transport, distance, and safety measures.

With the help of reliable and experienced car transportation specialists, the process can be smooth and stress-free. It is important to note that quotes and availability of carriers may vary depending on location and demand.

The distance between the two states is over 2,500 miles, and transit times can range from 5 to 10 days. Selecting the right transportation specialist will ensure the safe and timely delivery of your vehicle to your desired delivery location in Florida.

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