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When you need to ship your vehicle, the first question that arises in your mind is, ‘How much does it cost to ship a car?’ 

A car shipping calculator is the best solution for everyone seeking a car shipping quote.

The cost of car shipping is one of the major factors in the decision-making process when moving your car from one state to another. 

Once you find out the auto shipping quote, more than half of your car shipment problem is solved.

Many car shipping companies require personal information for their car shipping estimator and do not provide instant quotes; instead, they send quotes via email. 

our car shipping cost calculator is designed to calculate your shipping cost without any personal information required and provides you with an instant quote within 15 seconds

Simply enter your pick-up zip code, drop-off zip code, and make and model get ready for a free and 100% accurate car transport quote in seconds, without any personal information required.

How does a Car Shipping Calculator work?

Car shipping calculators are a useful tool for estimating the cost of shipping your car. The calculator requires a variety of factors, including distance, shipping method, vehicle type, year, make, and model. 

When you enter this information into the calculator form, it will calculate your shipping cost based on your given details. 

The calculator will then decode your given details and provide you with a final car transport quote.

The specific factors used by car shipping calculators can vary from company to company, 

All the calculators give you quotes based on the per-mile distance.

Car shipping Cost Calculator

How to Use a Car Shipping Cost Calculator

When it comes to using a car transport calculator, it is quite easy and simple. First, input all of the information into the given form, such as the pick-up and delivery zip codes, and the shipping method. No Personal Information Required.

One of our customers provided feedback commenting on how easy and smooth our car shipping calculator was to use.
I just searched on Google for a car shipping cost calculator and found this site. I entered my details, and within seconds, I got a free quote. It was a very easy and simple calculator.” – Kent Miller.

Benefits of Using a vehicle shipping Cost Calculator

The benefit of using our car shipping calculator is a free and easy way to get accurate quotes for multiple shipments in seconds saving Money and time.  

so you can make informed decisions about your shipping needs and protect yourself from scammers.

Accurate Cost Estimates1

Accurate Cost Estimates

By using our auto shipping cost calculator, you can get instant a free and 100%accurate shipping quote based on the information you provide.

Time and Effort Savings

Time and Effort Savings

With of auto transport calculator, you can save time and get a free instant quote in seconds. Don't waste your time getting quotes from multiple companies.

Comparing Multiple Quotes

Comparing Multiple Quotes

After getting a quote from our vehicle shipping calculator, you can compare quotes from multiple companies and decide which quote is best for you.



Our car transport cost calculator is so easy and simple to use. We designed it to be simple, so you can enter just the required information and get a quote.

How much does it cost to ship a car?

The car shipping cost can vary widely depending on distance, vehicle type and size, time of year, and carrier service chosen. According to industry data, the average cost to ship a car ranges from $600 to $1,000 for transport within the US.

The average cost to ship a car from one state to another state is $1200 for open auto transport and $1,000 to $2,000 for enclosed auto transport.

Some other factors that can affect cost include insurance premiums, taxes or customs fees for certain countries, and additional services like door-to-door delivery or enclosed transport.

Factors That Affect the Cost of Auto Shipping

The Major Factors that affect vehicle shipping quotes are distance, vehicle size, pick-up and drop-off locations, transport method, vehicle condition, fuel prices, and weather conditions.

Distance play is a major factor when it comes to calculating vehicle shipping costs.

factor affecting car shipping cost
open Vs enclosed auto transport

Tips for reduce Car Transport cost

Open transport is less expensive than enclosed transport. The average cost for open transport is $710, while enclosed transport can cost around $1000. 

Being flexible with pick-up and delivery dates can save money. Some carriers offer reduced rates for off-peak times. 

Also, giving a range of dates for pick-up and delivery can expand the carrier’s options for arranging routes and schedules, leading to a cheaper rate. This can save around 5-10% of the total car shipping cost.

Enclosed transport provides better security and protection for the vehicle.

It is crucial to assess the car’s value carefully and decide if the added cost of enclosed transport is worth it.

Frequently asked car shipping Calculator questions

Everything you need to know about our reliable auto transport services
Whether you get a car shipping quote online or from one of our auto transport shipping advisors, it will be valid for seven calendar days. The reason for this timeframe is that the car transport industry is very dynamic. Auto transport rates can change every week. Rest assured, however, we believe in fair pricing and want to give you the most accurate price possible.

Yes, your vehicle is fully insured from the moment a carrier picks it up to the time of delivery. We pre-screen every car shipping carrier to ensure they meet all insurance requirements under the Department of Transport (DOT) regulations. How much your vehicle will be insured depends on your vehicle’s value, the type of trailer used, and the company.

Typically, an open car transport carrier will offer cargo insurance coverage between $100,000 and $150,000. An enclosed auto transport carrier will offer cargo insurance coverage between $250,000 and $3,000,000. We can provide all carrier’s certificates of insurance upon request.

Things are slightly different for Hawaii vehicle shipments as they are subject to the ocean freight liner’s insurance limitations. Our shipping advisors will be able to give you more details.

Here at CSC Auto Transport, we offer two payment options with our car shipping services – Discounted Price and Regular Price. Discounted Price: We collect a small partial payment from your credit or debit card once we’ve assigned a carrier to pick up your vehicle. You’ll pay the balance to the driver when they deliver your car. You pay in cash, with a cashier’s check or money order. Regular Price: You pay in full when we assign a carrier to pick up your vehicle. At the time of delivery, there is no balance to pay.

People generally book their car shipping delivery service between 1 and 2 weeks in advance. Doing this allows us to find and secure your auto transport service promptly.

If, however, you’re in a hurry and only have a day or two before your desired pick-up date, we can offer a guaranteed pick-up service. We recommend you speak with one of our experienced auto transport advisors and clarify the price and timeframe. Once the car shipping booking is complete, we will contact you to arrange the final details.

Yes, you can get a free, instant car transport quote using our instant online calculator, but you will need to provide your pick-up and delivery city/ZIP codes. You can also call and speak with our auto transport shipping advisors or use Live Chat. You don’t have to supply the exact address to get a car shipping quote, but you will need to provide it when you book your auto transport service.