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Texas to Florida Car Transport

Car shipping from Texas to Florida is easy today in the world of technology. However, some people find it hard when it comes to shipping a car from one state to another.

The average cost to ship a car from Texas to Florida is $500-$700, and it will take 2-4 days.

First, get a free quote by using our car shipping cost calculator without providing any personal information. Select a trusted auto transport company with a good Google rating, BBB accreditation, and TrustPilot reviews. Don’t pay upfront, read the contract with your auto transport company and sign it carefully.

Before shipping your car, many things need to be kept in mind, such as car shipping cost, trusted auto transport companies, and ensuring hassle-free and safe shipping.

Shipping car from Texas to Florida

How Long Does It Take To Ship a Car?

Every carrier can travel 500 miles per day. The distance between Texas and Florida is 1310 miles. When you divide 1300 miles by 500 miles, it equals 2.6 days.

However, it usually takes only 1-2 days for a car to be shipped from Texas to Florida. The actual delivery time depends on factors such as distance, pick-up and drop-off locations. 
Ship the car from California to Texas it will take 2-3 days.

How Does Vehicle Shipping Companies Works

Accurate Cost Estimates1

Get a Quote

First, obtain quotes by using our car shipping cost calculator or from multiple vehicle shipping companies. Compare all the quotes and select a budget-friendly company to book your shipment. Get instant and free quote by using our car shipping calculator and get 30% off on first shipment with our company.

Time and Effort Savings

Vehicle Pickup

Our car carrier will pick up your vehicle on your desired date at your residence or commercial area. If your car is in non-running condition, the carrier will load the car with a forklift, and an additional charge of $100 will apply.

Comparing Multiple Quotes

Doorstep Delivery

The carrier will deliver the car within 2-3 business days, and the carrier can travel 500 miles per day.

Tips Before vehicle Shipping

Check the Reviews: Before booking a shipment with any company, first, check the reviews and ratings on Google, BBB, and Trustpilot. If the reviews are good, then go ahead and book it.

No Upfront Payment: Don’t pay any upfront payment. Many scammers in the market might offer you a low rate, but once you book it, they may ask for more money at the time of pickup. Otherwise, after receiving the advance payment, they may not respond to you. Be careful and don’t pay upfront.

Don’t Sign POD without Car Inspection: When the carrier delivers your car to your doorstep, inspect your car before signing the POD. If your car has no damage, then sign the POD. In case of any damages, contact the vehicle transport company.

Make Sure of Insurance: Before shipping, ensure that your vehicle is fully insured with the auto transport company. For open vehicle transport, companies usually offer $250k in insurance, and for enclosed trailers, they offer $300k.

Packing Belongings: Every transport company offers to ship your car and belongings together up to 100 lbs. Make sure to pack all your belongings into boxes and put them in the car trunk. Avoid putting them in the car seats, as the items inside the vehicle may get damaged during transport.