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8 Ways Transport Car to Another State

8 transport car to another state

Transporting a car from one state to another is now easier than ever. If you’ve purchased a car from out of state and need to bring it home, we’ve figured out 8 secure, budget-friendly, highly recommended, and experienced options.

8 ways to move your car from one state to another. The first option is to drive it by yourself, ship your car, ship by train, ship by boat, use cargo services with shipping companies, hire a driver, tow your car, or ship your car by container.

8 Ways Transport Car to Another State

Option # 1 : Drive Car yourself

Driving a car yourself is the most convenient, budget-friendly, secure, and trusted option for luxury or expensive vehicle owners. If the distance is between 500 to 700 miles, it is recommended to drive yourself when moving from one state to another. When you drive your car personally, you tend to be more careful, avoid speeding, and monitor fuel consumption. Another benefit is that you can explore the most beautiful places during the drive.

If we talk about average cost, current fuel prices are $3.236. It’s budget-friendly, with an average cost of around $500 for a distance of 500-700 miles, but this cost depends on the actual distance. However, keep in mind that you’ll need to cover all expenses such as fuel costs, food, gas prices, and hotel expenses. It will take 1-2 days.

For example, David lives in South Carolina and buys a car online from a Florida dealership. Now, he wants to move the car, and the total distance is 498 miles. If he hires an auto transport company for shipping, the charges will be $800-$900. On the other hand, if he decides to drive the car himself, the average cost will be $400-$500, including food expenses.

Option # 2: Hire A Professional Driver

Hire a driver for your car

After purchasing a car, if you want to move it to your home in another state, hiring a professional driver is an easy and budget-friendly option. The driver can be a family member, a friend, or a professional company driver. Most trusted companies provide professional drivers to move your car with full insurance coverage. The drivers are well-trained and will take good care of your car.

The average cost is between $1500 and $2000 for a distance of 1500-1800 miles, but it depends on factors such as the distance, fuel costs, and delivery location. The best thing about this option is that all expenses incurred by the driver, including fuel, food, gas, and toll taxes, are included in the cost. Delivery time, when moving a car from one state to another is 1-2 days.

Option # 3: Hire Auto Transport Company

Hiring an auto transport company is another excellent and secure option for owners of luxury cars and custom vehicles. Auto transport companies take responsibility for your car, offering full insurance coverage and accountability for any damages incurred during transport.

They provide two options for moving your car from one state to another: open vehicle transport and enclosed auto transport.

Open vehicle transport is the more economical and commonly used option, where 7-10 vehicles are transported together with a collective insurance coverage of $250,000. On the other hand, enclosed auto transport is ideal for luxury car and custom car owners, as only one car is transported at a time, with an insurance coverage of $300,000.

The average cost for shipping a car with open vehicle transport ranges from $900 to $1500. There are several benefits to hiring an auto transport service, including the security of your car, the safety of its tires, and the convenience of door-to-door car delivery services.

Additionally, you have the option to ship car and personal belongings to gather up to 100 lbs. On average, it takes 3-4 days to deliver a car from one state to another using auto transport services. Get a free Quote by using our car shipping cost calculator without any personal information.

Option # 4: Hire A Towing Company

Hiring a towing company is the best option for road accident vehicles or short distances. You can rent a moving truck and arrange a dolly or car trailer to easily tow your car.

However, it is recommended for short distances or damaged vehicles. This option may be dangerous if you lack towing experience or don’t hire a professional tow company.

The average cost to tow a car is between $500 and $700. For example, if you want to tow a car from Los Angeles, CA, to Dallas, TX, the cost will be $850, and it will take 3-5 days for delivery to your home.

Option # 5: Hire Moving Company

Another option to move a car to another state is to hire Moving companies, such as uShip. However, it’s important to confirm whether the shipping or freight companies offer car transport services from one state to another.

The benefits of hiring Moving companies include easier management of pickups at car auctions or car yards. Shipping companies typically have thousands of trucks in every state, making it easy to transport your car within your desired timeframe.

The average cost for this service is similar to what auto transport companies charge, ranging from $500 to $1500, and the delivery time is typically 2-4 days.

Option # 6 : Transport Car to Another By with Train

Shipping a car by train is the best option for those living on the West Coast. If you need to transport your car from one state to another, especially if you’re heading to Washington, D.C., or Florida, train transport is the optimal choice.

This is especially true when purchasing a car online from dealerships or auction sites; traveling by train ensures the safety of your vehicle.

For those planning a trip, train transportation is the preferred option. Amtrak Auto Train stands out as a reliable company for this service. The average cost of shipping a standard vehicle by train is $208 per mile, while for extended vehicles, the cost is $265 per mile.

The duration of the shipping process is typically one week or more, depending on the distance and the pickup and delivery locations.

Option# 7: Ship Your Car By Boat

ship car by boat

Moving a car from one state to another is the best option for Hawaii, Alaska, and Maine. Most people ship their vehicles by boat in these states because all the roads are long distances, but by sea, you can send your vehicles quickly.

The average cost for a shipping car falls from $1500 to $4000 but depends on distance, vehicle type size, and port route. 

The most famous ports for car shipping by boat are Tacoma, Washington, and Anchorage; Ports of Los Angeles, Long Beach, and San Diego in California; and Jacksonville, Miami, and Fort Lauderdale in Florida. The average time it takes will be 4-10 days. For example, Los Angeles/Long Beach (CA) – Miami/Fort Lauderdale (FL)  10-14 days.

Option# 8: Ship Your Car By Container

Shipping a car by container is the most secure, easy, and waterproof option. This method is considered the most expensive way to ship your car and is commonly used for international car shipping, classic cars, sports cars, and custom cars. However, with this method, you need to arrange for the loading and unloading of the car.

The average cost for a standard 20-foot container ranges from $2,000 to $4,000, while a high-cube 40-foot container may cost between $3,000 and $5,000.

To implement this, load your car into the container and hire a power-only truck for hauling. The entire process typically takes 1-2 weeks.