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Utv model x1 Delivered from SD to NY

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“Kent Miller just bought a Car UTV model X1 from Brookings, SD, from a dealership and wants to deliver it to his home in Delanson, NY. The dealership could not find any auto transport company because of the large distance. He searched on Google for a cost estimate and found our trusted car shipping calculator.”

When I got a quote for my UTV x1, I called the car shipping calculator team and discussed the cost of shipping. I requested them to deliver my vehicle to my home.

After a few moments, their dispatch team contacted me and asked some questions about the exact pickup and drop-off locations and guided me on how to prepare the UTV and how much poundage of personal belongings I could ship together with the UTV.

After this, I signed a contract with this trusted company and arranged a car carrier. The dispatching team shared carrier information with me.

Everything went great. I’m really happy with how fast it was fixed, and my friend said the car was completely fine when he got it back, so everything turned out really well. 

The first question when it comes to shipping a car is how much it costs, but I found it to be a simple and smooth process, very easy within seconds using the car shipping cost calculator.

At the time of pickup, the carrier called me and informed me. I called the dealer and informed them. The car carrier picked up my car with open vehicle transport and delivered it after three days, and I got my UTV safe and secure without any damage. After this, I signed the POD.

“The greatest thing about working with the Car Shipping Cost Calculator (CSCC) team was how simple everything was. Booking the shipping was effortless, and the website was user-friendly.